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​Over the last five years our school has run five very successful Lapathon Fundraisers. As a school community we have raised over $59,000 for your children. These funds were used to help pay for our multipurpose courts, purchase a new set of high jump mats, all of the poles, nets and stands for the ISC, the Senior Adventure Playground, as well as including other sports equipment for the classroom and P.E. We have also started saving for an indoor rock climbing wall.  Last year we raised $15,000 towards our wall. In the past 12 months we have been working with engineers, obtaining quotes, and approvals for the wall. We are so very close to building our indoor rock climbing wall I can feel the resin on my hands.

Funds raised from this years Lapathon will be used to fund our Indoors Rock Climbing Wall in the ISC.

100% of the profits go back into our school.

Lapathon Format

•    Lapathon- Friday 18 August 2017

•    Students will run laps of the oval in teams of three or four in a relay format. Prep- Year 3- 30 minutes and 4-6 60 minutes.

•    Students will seek sponsors to sponsor them individually to participate in the lapathon.  Sponsors can sponsor them any amount that they wish to donate.

•    To make the event fun our theme for this year is 'The 80’s'. Students can dress up like they have just stepped back in time. Music will be played during the lapathon and students will receive an ice block at the end of their session.

•    Students can choose to receive a prize depending on the level of sponsorship they collect. (See prize sheet for sponsorship levels).  The value of the prize is approximately 1/3 of the amount of money that the student raises. The value of the prize is for the individual not the team.

•    This year we will continue with the option not to receive a prize.  If a student chooses not to receive a prize from their fundraising, 100% of their fundraising will come back to the school. We have also continued the convenience of depositing funds via direct deposit.

At the conclusion of the lapathon students will return the money that they have collected and a prize sheet selecting a prize to the office.  Once the money and prize sheets are collected prizes will be ordered and distributed as soon as they arrive.

If you have any questions regarding our fundraiser please ask your classroom teacher or come and see me.  I’m sure together we will surpass last year’s totals.  I look forward to your support of this fantastic fundraiser. 

Remember 100% of our profits return to our school and your children.

Sponsor form and Prize List 2017.pdf

Cash payments can be made in the office in P&C box

Electronic payments can be made into:

  • Peregian Springs State School General Account
  • Account BSB    064-212  
  • Account           10004670 
  • Please state child’s LAST NAME and Given name, Excursion/Camp name, as reference. 
  • Email copy of payment transfer to our Business Services Manager