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​​Education Queensland recognises that good decision-making often occurs at a local level through direct engagement with the needs and aspirations of the school community. 

School councils are the primary mechanism for ensuring these needs and aspirations are addressed. School councils contribute to the strategic leadership of the school and act as the bridge between the school and its local community including staff, parents, governments, community groups and local business and industry.  

With the freedom to respond to community needs and through the use of local expertise, school councils are well-positioned to embrace innovation to maximise student learning outcomes.  

School councils play an important role in reviewing and/or approving school-based innovations such as: 

  • working autonomously with local businesses, industry and other community organisations, leading to innovative models for sponsorship,
  • industry and infrastructure partnerships contributing strategically to the shape of curriculum offerings that suit the needs of students, for example: units of work focused on inquiry leading to SpringX each year
  • extracurricular programs, gateway programs and centres of excellence using local flexibility over finance and human ​resources to ensure resourcing and staffing plans meet local needs the development, use and sharing of facilities and resources.  

​​Our School Council Members

Official Members

  • Principal – Victoria Anstey​ 

*Official Members are ex-officio to the Council and may be represented at meetings by a proxy. This flexibility is not offered to elected members. 

Parent Members

  • Ms Claire Gilligan
  • Mr Regan Kowald
  • Ms Becky Lavis ​
P&C Representatives
  • Lauren McDermot
  • Trent Thomas

Staff Members

  • Ms Kristy Ratten (Chair)
  • Ms Kerryn McPherson​ (Secretary)
  • Mr Simon Thomas 
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We currently have no appointed members 

To contact the school council please email:

Independent Public School 

As an independent public school, we work closely with our school community to create and pursue a shared strategic direction that promotes our students' well-being and improves student learning outcomes. We operate in line with the same legislation, industrial directives, whole-of-government policy and national agreements as all other state schools. Our School Council is the primary governance body that ensures we act in accordance with our constitution and with government-mandated legislation and policies.  

What do we mean by 'strategic leadership'?

When we talk about 'strategic leadership', we are referring to those things that help ensure the school's long-term success, including learning outcomes for our students, the professional expertise and wellbeing of our teachers, and the stability of our finances.  Members of the School Council endorse the school's annual budget, priorities, policies and implementation plans, and monitor their outcomes throughout the year. 

What the School Council does not do

School councils must not

  • interfere with the principal's day-to-day operations of the school and its curriculum;
  • make operational decisions about the use of teaching or learning resources at the school; or
  • make decisions about the individual teaching style used at the school. 

If you have any questions or comments about these matters, please contact our Principal. 


As per the current Constitution, the number of members of the PSSS Council is ten and composed of:

  • three elected parent/carer members
  • three elected staff members (representing teaching, teaching support and non-teaching staff)
  • up to two appointed members who bring specific knowledge and experience to assist the Council to set and monitor strategic direction
  • the President of the School Parents & Citizens' (P&C) Association
  • the School Principal. 

    One of these members is elected as Chairperson of the School Council, except the School Principal who cannot be elected as Chairperson.

Council members are elected for a period of two (2) years. The inaugural School Council had 3 members who at for three (3) years so that half of the elected positions on the Council are declared vacant every year. This ensures continuity, while offering prospective members the opportunity to run for office on an annual basis. 

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Last reviewed 29 November 2022
Last updated 29 November 2022