​It is each parent's responsibility to provide the necessary materials and resources for their child's education. Each year parents are asked to provide resources for their children in two ways -
  • The Book List, and
  • The Student Resource Scheme. (SRS)

#1 Booklists 2022

These lists contain the required materials selected by the school staff for the 2022 school year:

Parents can purchase the items for our 2022 Book Lists  from any supplier they wish - we do not have one allocated supplier, however the following outlet has all of the items our teachers require with an easy online order service.

Class teachers carefully select the brands on the booklists specifically for their durability and sustainability for the students’ work requirements. Parents are asked to supply exactly what the class teacher has asked for and not substitute cheap brands from dollar stores. Many cheap versions do not have the durability that is required throughout the year. Your cooperation with this is greatly appreciated.

You will be able to bring students' items to school on the Student Free Day on Friday 21 January 2022 when you bring the children to meet their new teachers.

Book covers

To make covering your books easier Peregian Springs State School has partnered up with EZCovers. EZCovers are reusable, recyclable and really easy!
Our P&C receives a donation from each purchase made. Donations will go towards funding play areas and equipment throughout the school.
Click below to order yours today. Enter code EZ15 and select Peregian Springs State School.

 #2 Student Resource Scheme 2022 (SRS)

Our Student Resource Scheme will operate again during 2022 offering parents who elect to participate in the scheme, an economical alternative to the purchase of learning resources for their child throughout the school year. 

  • This year 2022 the Student Resource Scheme is again $120.00 per child. Invoices will be issued at the start of the 2022 school year.
  • If you have already signed a Participation Agreement Form during 2020/2021, you will automatically be joined in the scheme and there is no need to complete another form. If you are new to our school and have not previously completed an agreement form, please print, sign and return the attached SRS participation Form 2022.pdf ASAP indicating Yes or No. 
  • Full details including Terms and Conditions SRS 2022 PEREGIAN SPRINGS SS.pdf 

The scheme is supported by the Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) and managed by the school and operates within the policy and guidelines of the Department of Education (DoE) and in accordance with section 51 of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006. DoE encourages schools to operate a scheme as a service to parents.  

Participation in the scheme is voluntary and those parents/carers who join the scheme pay a fee in return for their child's access to materials and resources managed by the scheme.  Students whose payments are up to date also attend three visiting performances during the year as well as our Artist in Residence Program (up to three lessons per term with our Visual Artist, Tonia Newton). 

Parents/carers who do not wish to participate or elect to opt out of the scheme are responsible for providing their child with all the items that would otherwise be provided to the student by the scheme as detailed in the Year Level Requiremen​​ts List.pdf

Under the scheme, books and resource materials are purchased in advance to secure discounts through bulk buying and to ensure students have the resources to start the year/term. The P&C discusses and approves the Student Resource Scheme at the P&C meeting in September of each year. 

The provision of this scheme ensures that well resourced learning by our students remains our key focus. The ongoing provision of high quality resources to ensure student outcomes are maximised is an annual budgeting challenge. This scheme creates an opportunity for every family to support the learning of their children in the most economical fashion. 

I look forward to your support to ensure every student starts day one in 2022​ prepared and resourced for the academic challenges of the new year. 

Gwen Sands

Last reviewed 15 October 2021
Last updated 15 October 2021