​ Homework provides students with opportunities to consolidate class work, pattern behaviour for lifelong learning beyond primary school and involve families.  Peregian Springs school community also recognises that it is important for students to have time for family, play, leisure and physical activities outside of school and know importance of balancing this with homework.

At Peregian Springs State School, homework is relevant to individual needs and plays an integral role in consolidating the teaching and learning that occurs in the classroom, particularly in the area of reading development.

Peregian Springs State School includes an opt out option with regard to participation in homework. This decision is one that will be made at a family level and then formally communicated to the classroom teacher by the parents/carers. Such a decision will be respected and supported by the school.


  • Homework is set regularly by teachers in the format of: Must Do, Should Do and Could Do activities.
  • Teachers will make clear class expectations at least at the start of each term and will check homework progress regularly.
  • Homework should be a review/consolidation of aspects of subject matter being taught at school.
  • Homework is to be seen as a shared responsibility between home and school.
  • Parents and students collaborate to decide best times for homework completion
  • Parents should encourage children to take responsibility for their learning and homework organisation. Guidance and positive feedback will support the process. 
  • Whilst we recognise the responsibility of parents to monitor the completion of homework to a satisfactory standard, children are allowed to make and learn from mistakes.
  • Homework is not seen as an assessment to be carried out by parents, but as a learning process for the student.
  • If there is a difficulty in completing homework, parents are to immediately cease homework and inform the class teacher.
  •   As outlined above, parents do have an opt out option in relation to homework.
  • In any one night, no child should be required to complete homework longer than the times set out below. 

Providing work for your child during absence from school.

Class teachers do not provide work for students going on holidays during term time. You may wish to talk to your class teacher about accessing our online learning sites such as Reading Eggs and Mathletics. Alternatively here is a travel-pack.pdf which you can print off and complete with your child while you are away.  
If your child is absent due to lengthy illness please contact your class teacher for suggestions and information about possible work to complete at home.

We know that finding the time to get homework done can be a challenge for busy families.  To help ease the burden, students can now complete their homework in a supervised learning environment before they go home from school.

Homework Centre

Our school’s Homework Centre will be supervised by teacher aides in the Resource Centre which is located at the front of the school and will be open:

  • Tuesday from 2.40 pm. to 3.30 pm.
  • Wednesday from 2.40 pm. to 3.30 pm. and
  • Thursday from 2.40 pm. to 3​.30 pm.​

The sessions are free, and a healthy snack will be provided.

Completion of this registration form does not confirm a position.  

More information about Homework Centres can be found in the attached fact sheet 

  • If you have any queries about the following form, or Homework Centre operations, please contact David Foxover  or the Homework Centre
  • Please be aware that there are limited positions in the Homework Centre. Correspondence will follow indicating the period in which the position is being offered and the days of availability or alternatively if you have been placed on the waiting list.     ​

Last reviewed 17 February 2023
Last updated 17 February 2023