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Year 4 Camp 2020

COVID-19 Safe Declaration (For visitors to site. TO BE COMPLETED ON THE DAY OF VISIT)

Year 5 Camp 2020 

Year 1 Performance - The Carrot Man

Prep Swimming Term 3 2020

School Photos - Tues 04 and Wed 05 August

Details and DRAFT schedule

Friday 04 September - 

The school will be closed this day as we will be attending Professional Development off site.


Car Park Issues

The Police do random checks of all school areas every term. They choose their own timetable and their own issue to pursue. The more people they catch doing the wrong thing the more they come. We repeatedly remind and indeed implore parents to follow the road rules to prevent this. 

Yesterday Coolum Police issued 25 traffic offence notices on their first visit for Term 3. They have informed us they will be back.

The Council recently advised us that 80% of our enrolments live within 1.5km of the school. Imagine if all those children walked or rode to school. 

If you have ideas for fixing the car park please forward them to the Council as the school has no jurisdiction over that area nor is it funded to 'fix' non-government property.


It is imperative that we continue to follow the advice of Queensland Health and the Queensland Government. The latest COVID-19 Operating Guidelines for Queensland State Schools advises us that we must continue to ensure any visitors, including parents, carers, volunteers and visiting specialists comply with government health and safety measures. The most important of these are maintaining physical distancing requirements, good health and hygiene, abiding by regulations regarding hot spots of infection interstate and overseas, and not attending our school if unwell.
For this reason we must continue to ask you drop and go in the mornings and not enter the school gates. If you do need to come into the school to go to the uniform shop, attend a meeting or come at the request of a staff member you must enter through the office and complete the Covid 19 Declaration Form.
In the afternoons we ask you to limit your attendance on site if at all possible. If you must meet your children inside the gates please stay on the path to the Indoor Sports Centre, on the grass outside Prep or on the Covered Central Walkway.
Please stay two big steps away from every other adult at all times
We continue to take advice from Queensland Health in relation to novel coronavirus COVID-19. The latest information is available on the Queensland Health website at
Please stay well.

Morning Routines:

  • Parents are encouraged to develop a quick 'goodbye' ritual. Rituals are reassuring and can be as simple as a special wave through the window or an air high five (refer to the visual below for some more great ideas). 
  • Remember the golden rule 'Keep things quick and simple!'  You will be comforted to know that a quick and seamless goodbye is always best, and we know it increases the speed in which students settle happily into their class and into learning
  • Foster independence by dropping your child at the gate, in the green zone or somewhere else outside the school and watch them walk into school independently.
  • Time their arrival between 8.15 a.m. and 8.45 a.m. 
  • On arrival students are asked to place their bags on the bag rack and then play with their peers in their play areas. 
  • At bell time students are to go to their own classrooms where their class teacher will be waiting for them ready to engage in learning.  

After School Routines:

Starting Thursday 04 June, we will be relaxing restrictions on parent access to the school grounds in the afternoon only.

If you wish, you may spread out by waiting for your children down the Central Covered Walkway, on the grass outside Prep or on the grassy hill alongside the oval. The gates will be unlocked at 2.55 p.m. enabling you to spread out. If you can avoid this by continuing to meet your children in the car park somewhere, then please do. I do thank all those parents who have arranged meeting spots for their children well away from the school – please continue to do this, if you wish.

The parameters around this relaxation will be

  • continue social distancing – that is stay 1.5m away from other parents,
  • stay out of classrooms and other learning areas and communicate with teachers by email or phone,
  • remain in the Central Covered Walkway and stay off the pathways to classrooms
  • avoid congregating in groups of more than one. Groups of parents will be asked to leave school grounds and continuing their congregating elsewhere
  • leave the school grounds as soon as you can. Please do not hang around to catch up with your friends

Staff members will avoid the Central Covered Walkway, the grass outside Prep and other areas where parents and carers are standing in order to mitigate their own risk of infection. This is a government requirement.

Please note the routines for the morning will remain unchanged and we will not be considering relaxing this for some time.

Other measures to make note of - Please

  • You will be required to complete a COVID-19 safe declaration form prior to attending a required meeting at school on the grounds (such as Unifrom Shop, enrolment meetings, meetings with Leadership staff member etc.)
  • Do not enter the school unless it’s absolutely necessary i.e. to attend the uniform shop
  • Do not congregate with other adults in the school or the car park.
  • Communicate with your child’s teacher by telephone or email as there will be no face to face parent meetings for a while. 
  • Classroom access is restricted to students and staff. There will be no face to face meetings with teachers or other staff
  • Keep your child home if they are sick – even with just a sniffly nose. 

Most importantly, remain positive with your child about being at school and contact either their class teacher or their Lead Administrator should you have any questions or concerns. 


Tuckshop will be open Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays

  • Online orders only
  • No cash
  • No over the counter orders 

Uniform Shop is open. Please book a 15 minute appointment.  

Payments. Please make all payments online rather than through the office

Online Cyber Safety courses for parents at PSSS

Do you want your children to be able to cope better with life's ups and downs? Would you like to give them the skills to help prevent and deal with cyberbullying? Come to the free Raising Resilient Children (Focus on Cyberbullying) – Online Triple P Seminar (Zoom Webinar) Thursday 30 July 2020, from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Everyone is welcome to join this valuable and important seminar.  After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Don't miss out - book your free seat for the seminar:

Book Here

ICT Forms - All students to complete before using devices in the classroom

Dental Van

The School Dental Service will soon be recommencing dental care at Peregian Springs State School. 

Due to Government COVID19 restrictions only one parent / guardian may attend dental appointments with your child. Please do not bring other children. 

We are observing school protocols for visitors, so when we contact you regarding your child’s dental appointment, we will let you know how to access the dental van. 

If you or your child feels unwell or have recently travelled overseas or interstate, we ask that you phone dental staff prior to the appointment. 

If you have any concerns or in the case of emergency dental care for your children -

Please phone 0408 008 154. 

Thank you for helping us to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy. We look forward to seeing you and looking after your children’s oral health.

Volunteers 2020

We currently cannot allow volunteers on site.

Scholastic Book Club

No Book Club orders until further notice.


Please pay online. See below:
No late payments can be accepted after the advertised payment due date.
You will receive an emailed invoice when your child is invited to attend an excursion, event or other paid activity at school
  • BPOINT is now the preferred payment method for all student invoices at Queensland State Schools . BPOINT is a secure online payment portal supported by the Commonwealth Bank which enables parents and caregivers to pay the school via credit card or debit card. This is a really easy method, with a direct link found at the bottom of your emailed invoice.
  • All invoice details will automatically import if you use the link from the invoice.
  •  This link can also be found  via your QParents account. 
(Call our office for details. We can assist you to easily sign up for a QParents  account. All of your child's invoices and school reports will be stored here. You can also report absences using your QParents account)


  • Phone payment using credit/debit card via BPOINT 1300 631 073. Please quote
  • CRN and invoice number from the BPOINT box on the left of your invoice
  • Centrepay - please come into the office  to complete an application
  • Direct Deposit payments can be made into:
Peregian Springs State School General Account
Account BSB : 064-212  
Account:  10004670 
Please state child’s LAST NAME and Given name, Excursion/Camp name, as reference. 
Email copy of payment transfer to our Business Manager

Student Resource Scheme 2020

Each year parents are asked to provide resources for their child/children in two ways.

1. The Book List and

2. The Student Resource Scheme.   

This year the Student Resource Scheme is $120.00 per child prior to the commencement of the school year or upon enrolment. (Please see our Payment Options or contact our office on 5351 2222)

Please print, sign and return the attached Participation Agreement form ASAP indicating Yes or No. Copies of this form are available from our office.

Full details of the Student Resource Scheme, including the Terms and Conditions can be found on our website.

Last reviewed 06 August 2020
Last updated 06 August 2020