Thank you for your support of our school. We greatly appreciate your time to assist our school community.

All Parent and School Community Volunteers should read the following and complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Please also note below the Blue card requirements for grandparents, siblings and other community members volunteering in school.

It is essential that you read, carefully consider and understand:
Please also read and understand the following guidelines for satisfying requirements as a Peregian Springs State School volunteer - this includes volunteering on school grounds or assisting off site on a school camp, excursion or other event
  •  Always sign in at the office. This enables us to account for you in case of an emergency or an evacuation drill. Always wear the Visitor’s lanyard displaying the sign-in number. Return this to the office when you sign out
  • If you have any behaviour concerns with children that cannot be managed with a polite request to stay on task/co-operate/listen, then please refer these to the teacher immediately.  Volunteers are respectfully asked not to discipline children themselves (this includes raising voices or physically handling students).
  • Always refer to the teacher when increasing the level of work for a child you may be working with (e.g. reading levels). Teachers use a range of information to determine appropriate work for students.
  • Avoid any critical or negative comments (about students work, dress, food, etc.) to children or to their parents. Please notify the class teacher about any problems or concerns.
  • Avoid physical contact with students (including sitting on laps and cuddling).
  • Be mindful of inappropriate language when speaking to students. These days families have different views about which words are acceptable for children.
  • Avoid making any critical or negative comments towards students, staff or other volunteers
  • Your observations and interactions with supervising teachers and staff working with students are regarded as confidential. It is not appropriate to relate what you have seen or heard staff doing to other parents, children or community members.
  • Your interactions with children should be regarded as confidential. Reporting to parents about a child’s performance on a task or their behaviour is the role of the classroom teacher.
  • Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear. If unsure of requirements ask staff for guidance/feedback
Camp/Excursion specific information
  • We ask that you do not enter bathrooms, toilet blocks, student cabins or other accommodation, including your child’s, unless directed to or with the express permission of supervising teachers or staff.
  • Your attendance has been factored into adult/student supervision ratios. Please ensure you can keep your commitment to ensure the safety and supervision of our students.

Voluntary workers who are not Parents

  • Before commencing any voluntary work in the school, adults who are not parents (i.e. grandparents, siblings and other community members), must complete an Application for Suitability Notice for a Volunteer. This is commonly known as an application for a Blue Card. This is then forwarded to the Commission for Children & Young People for processing. When we gain written approval, this person is then permitted to undertake volunteer work in the school.
  • Applications for volunteers are free
  • Applications can be made online.
  • You should carry your Blue Card with you at all times when volunteering at school or on excursion.      
Thank you for volunteering at our school. Your contributions are highly valued.

Gwen Sands
The Department of Education and Training, through Peregian Springs State School, is collecting personal information in accordance with Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 (PDF, 1MB) in order to maintain student permission records. The information will only be accessed by Department of Education and Training. The information will not be given to any other person or agency unless consent is provided.

Last reviewed 21 June 2019
Last updated 21 June 2019