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Being a GQS

In 30 August 2019 we were declared a Glasser Quality School (GQS). We are the second Glasser Quality School in Australia. The other is Sunshine Beach State School. 

A Glasser Quality School actively builds quality relationships, encourages quality work from all, provides a need-satisfying environment and aims to encourage all learners and staff to achieve to their potential (find out about Glasser Quality Schooling here:

A GQS operates with Choice Theory as its psychological base. Some of the core concepts include:

  • Removal of fear and coercion
  • Doing quality work is deeply satisfying
  • Quality relationships enable quality learning
  • Self-evaluation and co-verification lead to quality learning outcomes.
  • Operating in this way actively removes barriers to learning.

Choice Theory – our psychological base

Choice Theory explains why and how we make choices that determine the course of our lives. Understanding human behaviour at this level gives us the tools to be happy people and build the life we want to live.

Choice Theory states:

  • The only person's behaviour I can control is my own (trying to control others ruins the relationships I need)
  • Behaviour is always purposeful and chosen (and is our best attempt at the time to satisfy our Basic Needs)
  • I choose everything I do (and practically all I think). My emotions and physiology are a direct result of those choices
  • We are internally driven by our genes to satisfy our Basic Needs (Survival, Love & Belonging, Power, Freedom, Fun & Enjoyment)
  • I can change what I'm doing and thinking if it isn't getting me what I need
  • Each person is responsible for his / her behaviour
  • Many long-lasting psychological problems are relationship problems

How We Use This Information

Choice Theory underpins everything we do at Peregian Springs State School. Quality relationships are our focus.

Helping our learners understand how and why they behave and how they can take more effective control of their lives is part of every class, every day.

Some of the ways we do this are:

  • Many staff are trained in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management
  • Implementing our whole-school social and emotional literacy curriculum, with explicit lessons and experiences taught across all year levels enabling children to lead more effective lives
  • Helping our learners to identify and balance their Basic Needs
  • Helping our learners to grow from requiring co-management involving adults to being responsibly self-managed
  • Continually evaluating our practices by asking, 'Is what we are doing helping us achieve our core values of Relationships first, Global Citizenship, Learning, Creativity, Respect and Resilience?'
  • Providing a continuum of support for all  who need it.

Find out more about Choice Theory Psychology here:



From the Peregian Springs State School Resource Centre and/or Parent Library:

  • Choice Theory, William Glasser, 1998
  • Take Charge of Your Life: How to get What You Need with Choice Theory Psychology, William Glasser, 2013
  • For Parents and Teenagers, Dissolving the Barrier Between You and Your Teen, William Glasser, 2003
  • The Quality School, William Glasser, 1998
  • Counselling with Choice Theory, William Glasser, 2001
  • Staying Together, William Glasser, 1996

‘Being the Parent You Want to Be’ workshops at Peregian Springs State School.

Our popular Parenting with Choice Theory – 'Being the Parent You Want Be' program runs each school term. Over the last few years, many families have completed the workshops and their feedback has been invariably positive and enthusiastic.
We have based the program on William Glasser’s Choice Theory psychology (which is the psychological base we operate from at Peregian Springs). It is a four-week program at no charge for parents. A comprehensive workbook is part of the program.
Some of the topics covered include:
•    recent discoveries in neuroscience and their implications for our parenting
•    an introduction to Dr William Glasser’s Choice Theory psychology
•    raising happy, resilient and healthy children – preparing them for the world ahead
•    building and maintaining our relationship with even the most difficult child
•    navigating the difficult times calmly and in control
•    adjusting our parenting as our children mature
•    being the parent you want to be
Feedback from participating parents:
‘Thanks so much, it has given me some real tools that I could use straight away, that are making a big difference for me and the whole family.’
‘Fascinating and incredibly useful in all of my relationships’
‘The whole program is brilliant. I truly hope all parents get to participate, I thank you for bringing it to us.’
Venue, times and registration via School Newsletter each term.

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Last updated 06 August 2020