​Illness - When to keep your child at home

Whilst attendance at school is important, it is also essential that we avoid spreading illness. See the poster below for guidelines on infectious disease.

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If your child needs medication whilst at school

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We are SunSmart 

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Anaphylaxis and allergens at school

A group of children with special requirements with regards to their diet and other contact with food are enrolled at PSSS. Their allergies are so severe that some are at risk of an anaphylactic shock if they come into contact with their allergen or ingest these products. Students with allergies have health plans and are taught by the families to be self-managed around food.

Anaphylaxis and Allergens at PSSS Procedure.pdf


Accidents and Illness

Whilst the care and protection of your child at school is priority, accidents may still occur. In the case of an accident or illness, only basic first aid can be administered. Parents will be contacted as soon as possible and advised of the circumstances, usually with the recommendation that the child be collected and taken home. If there is a serious accident, an ambulance will be called to transport the child to hospital.

Accident insurance cover for students

Some school activities and physical education, particularly contact sports, carry inherent risks of injury. Parents are advised that the department does not have Student Accident Insurance cover for students.
If your child is injured at school as a result of an accident or incident, all costs associated with the injury, including medical costs, are the responsibility of the child, parent or caregiver.
Some incidental medical costs may be covered by Medicare. If parents have private health insurance, some costs may also be covered through the private health insurance. Any other costs would be borne by the parents.
Student Accident Insurance is an insurance policy that pays certain benefits in certain circumstances should your child have an accident. It is a personal decision for parents as to the types and levels of private insurance they arrange to cover their child for any accidental injury that may occur. Parents should contact their insurer or an approved Australian insurance broker for more information about student personal accident insurance cover for their child.

Dental Health Service

Free Dental treatment i.e. examination, restoration of all teeth, extraction and root treatment of baby teeth, fluoride treatment, oral hygiene instruction, x-rays to all school age children whether they attend the school or not, is available providing the application/consent form has been completed by parents. Caregivers are contacted by letter when a visit from the Dental van is imminent.

Please phone 0408 008 154. 

Last reviewed 03 November 2022
Last updated 03 November 2022