Transport to school, student drop off and parking



Bus Information - The Department of Transport provides a free bus pass for those students who satisfy BOTH of the following conditions:
  •  the nearest school is MORE than 4.8km from their residence;
  •  the students attend the nearest school to their residence.
All bus companies reserve the right to remove any student and suspend the travel right for students who breach the behaviour code for school buses thereby jeopardising the safety of other passengers.
Bicycles and skateboards - Provision is made for the proper safekeeping of bicycles that are left in the bicycle racks in the designated areas. Skateboard and scooter riders also use this area to store their skateboards during the day. Students who ride bicycles to school are strongly recommended to lock their bicycles securely in the racks provided. We recommend that bikes, scooters and skateboards are named also.
There are two large bicycle parking areas for bicycles, scooters and skateboards which are accessible from the main entrance gates at the front of the school. 
  • Junior - between main admin buliding and prep classes
  • Senior - between the main admin building and the Enhanced Learning Centre
These storage areas are locked during the day. We can accept no responsibilty for bikes and skateboards left overnight or at weekends. 
To observe the safety of all concerned, students must not ride their bicycles in the school grounds at any time. During the day, the bicycle racks are out-of-bounds to all students. Any student riding a bicycle  is required by law to wear a safety helmet.


Peregian Springs State School is proud to be a TravelSmart School. As a TravelSmart School, we encourage you to ‘leave the car at home’ and consider your transport options when travelling to and from school.

What is TravelSmart?

The TravelSmart Schools program is a voluntary travel behaviour change program delivered in partnership between Sunshine Coast Council and Department of Transport and Main Roads.  The program encourages the use of sustainable transport including walking, cycling, carpooling and public transport, as an alternative to driving the car.
The TravelSmart Schools program aims to:
  • Raise awareness about the impacts of high car usage on our environment and community;
  • Improve road safety by reducing traffic congestion around our school
  • Involve the whole school community in finding ways to reduce car trips to and from school;
  • Encourage children to make independent travel choices by recognising the influences of ‘the car culture’.
How can your family be TravelSmart?
Travelling smart to and from school is simple; all you need to do is leave the car at home and walk, cycle, catch public transport or carpool instead.  We recognise that it’s not easy for all families to be TravelSmart all of the time, however by travelling smart just one day a week you can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions from private vehicle use by up to 20% - not to mention reduce traffic congestion around the school. You can make a difference, even if it is only one day a week! 
We hope that the following information assists you with your TravelSmart options.

Walking, Cycling and Scooter Riding

There is an extensive pathway network linking all of Peregian Springs to Peregian Springs State School.  To increase safety and surveillance in the school vicinity, please ensure that your children are always accompanied by a responsible adult when walking or cycling to school.  Please ensure you always cross safely at the traffic lights or pedestrian crossings.
Please ensure that your children wear a bicycle helmet when riding to school, and lock their bikes at all times.  Scooter and skateboard storage facilities are located to the right of the entrance as you walk in, and down the central path far left fence line. (walk down central walkway and turn left.
Students who ride pushbikes, scooters or skateboards to school must dismount before entering the grounds. Bike racks are provided, and it is recommended that all bikes be secured to the rack by a lock and chain. All students travelling by pushbike, scooter or skateboards must wear safety helmets. Please note that under no circumstances may students wear roller blades to school.

Catch the Bus

Several school buses service Peregian Springs State School from as far south as Coolum and north to Marcus Beach. For information on how and where to catch the school bus, please contact;
Buslink on 5474 4733 or visit Buslink.
Coolum Coaches 5351 1165.
Department of Transport & Main Roads offers a School Transport Assistance Scheme (STAS) to provide assistance with school transport costs for eligible families.  For information relating to the School Transport Assistance Scheme please contact Department of Transport & Main Roads on
5477 8400 or look on their website Department of Transport and Main Roads.
If your children are utilising the bus services provided, please ensure that they are familiar with the code of conduct.  Code of conduct


Carpooling is a great option for those families who have no alternative to driving to school, and has many benefits.  You can save time, share the cost of fuel and maintenance, and you don’t have to compete for a parking spot every day.
Please note that carpooling is not encouraged as an alternative to walking, cycling or catching the bus where these options are available to you.  For those families who have no alternative to driving to school, we encourage you to take another child or children with you if you can.  This will improve the safety of the school precinct for your children.
How about Park & Ride or Park & Walk?  Part Way is Okay!
By parking and walking, you will enhance your health and wellbeing and assist in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and congestion in the school vicinity.  Suggested Park & Walk locations are Peregian Springs Shopping Centre and Peachtree Park.

Where to park your car?

On-street car parking is not provided, there is a parent car park area for those who need to enter the school.  Parents are asked to take note of the signs in our car park designating the Drop and Ride zone, Bus Zone and staff car park. There is one space for disabled parking in the Staff Car Park.
The Recreation Club oposite our school has a large carpark.

There is no parking on front of the school buildings.


Where to safely drop off your children?

A two-minute drop-off area is also available in our carpark.  In order to keep this area free of congestion, we ask that you comply with the two-minute regulation, and utilise on-street car parks when additional time is required.
In the interests of safety, we ask that you do not stop on The Avenue or adjacent to school crossings to drop your children off to school.  Please park your car in a legal allocated car park and walk your children to the nearest gate.  Please do not drop your children off in the bus bays.
For more information contact TravelSmart Sunshine Coast on 5449 5255.

Drop Off and Pick Up Zone

Our Drop Off and Pick Up Zone is works well when people follow the directions of signage and staff. Just remember:
  • No parking in there at any time – even if you are sitting in the car. The queuing area is reserved for cars waiting to move into the green zone to pick up children who are already waiting there. This applies even when there is no staff member to monitor the area.
  • If your children are not in the green zone keep driving around until they are – when cars park here they cause a traffic jam that stretches out passed the round about and up to the traffic lights. This prevents buses from access to the school and creates more congestion. Keep driving until your children are at the Green Zone
  • If you have more than one child and they haven’t all arrived at the Green Zone either keep driving until they are all there or pick up the waiting one and keep driving. You cannot wait here until your child arrives
  • Teach children to open the boot of the car and the doors themselves – this saves time at Pick Up. When staff are there they are always happy to help.
  • Tell others who pick up your children how to use the Zone – especially grandparents who are always the most apologetic for not knowing what to do!
  • Be patient and practice respectful communication with all who use the area – remember your children are watching you and everyone else, and learning from what they see. There have been raised eyebrows from children on more than one occasion!
Last reviewed 08 June 2020
Last updated 08 June 2020