mLearning - Prep - Year 6 BYO iPad device information 2023


​​​​​​Apps​ for 2023

2023 Prep app list.pdf

2023 Year 1 app list.pdf

2023 Year 2 app list.pdf

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Getting your device school ready

 2023 Getting Your Device Ready.pdf​​

Required forms

2023 ICT consent form - Complete this form for your child to use devices and to access online services at school. ​ 

Prep – Year 2

Year 3 – Year 4

Year 5 – Year 6


FAQs - iPad

Where can I buy an iPad from?​

Parents can purchase an iPad from any Apple Store or Apple Reseller. The school does not have any arrangements with a particular supplier. You may be able to get Education/Student pricing through Apple Stores or Apple online.

Best iPad for School.png​​

Will my child be able to charge their iPad at school?

Generally speaking, no. Students should make sure their iPad has a full charge at the start of the day. By making sure that unnecessary apps are closed, a static wallpaper is used and that power saving settings are in place, students can usually get a full school day out of their iPad. There are certain times, in an emergency, where if the battery has run out on a student’s iPad, their teacher may allow them to use their charger in order to retrieve a necessary file. 

Will the children be learning to touch type in class?

The school doesn’t have any plans to teach students to touch type. Although it is a fantastic technical skill to have, many students have already developed their own typing style, from using devices since they were quite young. Teachers will work with students on aspects of keyboard awareness.  There are many free Apps and websites that Parents can set up with their child to use at home to improve their keyboard proficiencies.

How are the iPads stored during the day when they aren’t being used?  Are they safe?

Teachers provide secure storage for BYO iPads during the school day. If a student accidentally left their BYO iPad in the classroom at the end of the day, the teacher will secure it safely overnight and notify parents. 

What about Internet safety?  What does the school do about Cyber safety​?

Education Queensland maintains strict filters on all school networks across the state. All teachers closely supervise all computer and iPad usage in the classroom and guide students as to where they can go on the Internet.

As part of being an eSmart accredited school, class teachers implement the school’s Cyber safety Program in all year levels. Part of this program teaches students what to do if they feel unsafe on the Internet, including how to screenshot offensive material. It also pays specific attention to the sharing of personal information online. In older year levels students also have access to our PSSS Concern ICT reporting site, if they have concerns about cyber ​bullying or other unsafe online behaviours they may experience.

Cyber safety and parental controls

​Which case should I buy?

Parents should consider a strong case that provides protection to both the front and back of the iPad.  Many cases come with a built-in stand, which aids better posture when using the iPad. Some of the strong cases our current students have on their BYO iPads are similar to these:

Apple Sharing ​​​​​​​​​

Did you know you only have to buy Apps once, and can then share them to 6 people/devices? ​Apple Sharing​  allows you to do this. 


Last reviewed 05 December 2022
Last updated 05 December 2022